Management Consulting

Healthcare Change You Can Count On

Healthcare is undergoing massive change and disruption.  In many cases, the old ways of doing business are no longer viable.  As your trusted advisors, Amitech helps our clients navigate these changes to thrive in the world of uncertainty and opportunity.

Amitech’s management consulting practice focuses on creating value for our clients with business aligned and executed implementation.  Our agnostic and pragmatic approach ensures that strategy recommended is strategy that can be executed.  We deliver results, not reports, understanding that success comes only from achieving the desired outcomes.

Expertise Meets Passion

We are passionate about healthcare and the health of populations.  We are shaping the future by creating a world of informed healthcare for everyone.  Amitech works with payers, providers, life science, reinsurance, and pharmaceutical companies, bringing our wealth of experience to deliver solutions and drive innovation through data analytics.  Amitech seeks to provide better care for everyone, lower the costs of healthcare, and deliver a better patient experience.

Amitech’s strategy consulting services involve a business-technology aligned process of value creation, evaluating people, processes, technology, and culture against business strategy and objectives.  They continue through our change implementation process to ensure we deliver real business value.  We don’t sleep until our clients achieve their desired outcomes and the best engagement experience.

Amitech Solutions
CASE STUDY: Indispensable IT
How a Leading Healthcare Payor Transformed Information Systems & Technology into a Valuable and Trusted Business Resource
Amitech Solutions
CASE STUDY: Putting the Business Back in BI
How a Major Southern Payor Reimagined the Role of Data Management & BI to Improve Care and Drive Real-World Results
Paul Boal
Never Compromise Your Way Out of an Opportunity
Reconsidering Project Constraints

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