Information Management

Realizing the Full Value of Your Data Assets

Information management is the key to any data analytics strategy, and should be the backbone of your business-technology aligned strategy.  Without proper data quality, access, and governance, your data could be working against you rather than for you.

It is all too common to hear clients have different answers to seemingly simple questions such as: “How many members do we have?”; “What is the average length of stay?”; or “What is the total cost of the procedure?”

Without answers to these fundamental questions, more complex analysis is often very difficult if not impossible.

Amitech can develop and implement an information management strategy that is aligned with key business drivers.  Unlike other information management companies, we start and finish with business alignment and value, and have the industry and technical expertise to implement holistic solutions that avoid common pitfalls.  We can help you answer these questions and more.

Information Management - Start to Finish

What differentiates our information management strategy and implementation goes further than business value creation.

By working with both payers and providers, along with device companies, pharma, and life sciences, we have a nuanced understanding of the data sources and complex interactions affecting your company.

On the technology side, we handle data from the source and operational systems to consumption.  From data governance, data warehousing, and master data management to applications, tools, and advanced analytical platforms and mobile BI, we understand the upstream and downstream implications of your information management strategy.

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Data Warehousing, Data Quality, and Data Integration

Amitech can help you develop an interactive data warehouse infrastructure. We uncover hidden data sources, integrate multiple systems, and break down silos to make your data warehouse more robust, scalable, and accessible. We also help you transform your existing data warehouse into one offering the most up to date and rigorously curated data.

Our solutions also support future business needs in areas such as salesforce, supply chain, sales operations, finance, marketing, and manufacturing.

A properly implemented data warehouse solution can result in year over year improvements on operation expenses, decrease the time spent gathering information, minimize poor or inaccurate data, improve sales by having better information for customers, and stay competitive in the changing healthcare landscape.

Data Governance

The enormous amounts of collected data can provide endless amounts of potential.  Data governance can add critical value to a business by improving the company’s finance, functionality, and profit margins.

To ensure the quality of your data, we use our deep experience and expertise in data governance tools and processes to define your data management philosophy. We help you coordinate, measure, assign value and share data to produce the best business outcomes.

We work with leading data governance tool vendors, including Collibra and Informatica, and have a robust Data Governance practice enabling us to deliver sustainable solutions. Our solutions integrate Data Governance programs with Data Quality, Reporting, MDM, and Big Data platforms, driving Business and IT collaboration to achieve enterprise-wide adoption.

Master Data Management

Amitech’s MDM solution can take your business to the next level and improve overall decision making by increasing the quality and accessibility of data, decreasing the costs of data administration, improving patient care, and lowering overall costs.

Amitech can identify the most critical information within an organization and create a single source of its truth to power business processes. Our approach to MDM can provide more consistent and accurate information, effective communication with vendors and partners, improve business processes efficiency, and increase business performance.

We have expertise and thought leadership with leading MDM tool vendors, including IBM and Informatica, to consolidate and integrate data into pragmatic master data management solutions to solve the most complex and unique business challenges.

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