Care Management

Enabling Effective Intervention

The players in the healthcare ecosystem share a common aim of achieving the triple aim of – lowering healthcare costs, improving patient experience, and improving the health of the population.  Care management has emerged as a critical component of managing the health of populations to maximize the effectiveness of healthcare spend.

Spending effectively requires a risk stratification strategy to focus on groups driving the highest spend – common industry data suggests that 5% of the population often drives over 40% of the healthcare spend of the organization.

Amitech can help your organization implement a successful care management strategy or augment your existing strategy.  Our Big Data & IoT driven population health analytics solutions serve as a critical component of understanding your population and creating intervention strategies.  Using a population segmentation approach, we can help you create care management initiatives focused on groups driving the highest PMPM utilization cost. Examples of interventions can include, but are not limited to: close management of high-risk OB patients, programs to manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, and better management of high-end medical utilization spend.

Care Management You Can Depend On

Care management helps payers and providers identify high-risk patients to prevent gaps in care and improve coordination of care.  Better data provides risk stratification and a segmentation approach to create early intervention strategies for effective targeting.  We use a proven process to help you produce an accurate, real-time 360-degree view of each patient or member.  By breaking own data silos, Amitech helps you identify and segment the population to understand which portions will benefit from early intervention.  After identifying target groups, we help you predict the benefits of a comprehensive care management program.

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