Business Analytics

Informed, Empowered Decision-Making

Most companies are just touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to business analytics.

On the provider side, in the next five years over 80% of the payments to them will be based on value based contracts.  Yet, very few providers have a deep understanding of the relationship between the contracts terms and operational performance, and because of this they do not have active ways to improve performance.  Imagine having the knowledge to actively negotiate value-based contracts and manage performance against them using a scalable analytical platform.

At the same time, most payers are striving to keep and grow membership and diversify revenue streams with existing members to create stickiness in this competitive environment.  With Amitech’s predictive retention and engagement models, payers can proactively engage at risk members and also cross-sell products into existing members.

From Analytics to Action

What differentiates Amitech from all other analytics companies is we don’t rest on a technology-only solution.  We start and end with the business problem our clients want to solve, and seek to create business value at every step.

A strong “why” enables us to move our clients from “analytics” to “action.”  By taking a holistic approach to business analytics strategy, we are able to execute a strategy involving human capital, business processes, technology, and culture that create business-technology alignment, thereby allowing businesses to act on their insights and achieve their desired outcomes.

Amitech Solutions
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Amitech Solutions
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