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Make a Bigger Dent with Big Data

With the changing expectations in healthcare, those who make care and treatment decisions need access to real time information on their patients.  With pressing financial concerns involved in accountable care there is a need for innovative ways to find information faster than ever.

Payers and providers also must have robust data management and analytics capabilities to implement the vast amounts of data from IoT— medical devices, sensors, wearables, and other data.

Amitech is utilizing Big Data to transform healthcare, delivering new capabilities faster than ever possible.  We build incremental and pragmatic solutions that easily work with and integrate with existing systems.

Perhaps you already have a data warehousing and business intelligence program you want to take to the next level.  Maybe you’re starting from scratch.  Amitech can help create a robust, enterprise-level Big Data and advanced analytics program so you can fully realize the power of Big Data.

Data That Drives Decisions

We can help you harness Big Data and transform it to give you the power to capture and analyze multitudes of structured and unstructured data to make real-time business decisions faster than ever.

On the Hadoop platform and with partnerships with Hortonworks and Big Cloud Analytics, we can combine clinical, financial, device, and other data in a powerful analytical engine to deliver business solutions.

Amitech Solutions
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