The Amitech Way

At Amitech, our culture is based on the empowerment and trust of our employees as we work closely with them to develop them into future leaders.

We pride ourselves on extraordinary levels of diversity, much higher than companies that are trying to reach a quota.  Our diversity includes yet extends beyond traditional areas: to difference in experience, approach, origin, education, location, path, and ideas – we learn the most and can offer the most this way.

The common thread among us is the Amitech Way – fundamental attitude values around responsibility, quality, results, teamwork, and reinvention –that serves to drive mutually assured success.

Our hiring and career advancement reflect this culture, as the right attitude is more important than experience or individual contributions.   This allows us to truly remain the culture we claim – and create a positive working environment for all.

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Our Leadership

Collaboration, Trust, Empowerment

At Amitech, we care about our employees.  Our leadership team is committed to promoting a collaborative culture where teamwork is valued over individual contributions, and employees are empowered and trusted to make a big impact.

Amit Bhagat
President & Principal Consultant

Sampada Coster
Director of Talent Management

Michael Demos
Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Harris
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Paul Boal
Vice President of Delivery

Amy Bates
Recruitment Manager

Senior Advisors

Experience, Trust, Results

Our senior advisors guide us much like we guide our clients by being trusted, experienced advisors focused on results.  They provide strategic and tactical advice, a global reach and network, industry knowledge, and thought leadership.

Gaurov Dayal
Senior Advisor

Vijay Chauhan
Senior Advisor

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