Clinical Analytics

Make the Most Out of Data for Informed Healthcare

Amitech’s clinical analytics solutions can help you leverage data to make insightful health and treatment decisions for those you love most.  Massive amounts of data are generated each day through your electronic medical records (EMR), claim records, prescription data, wearable devices and many other sources.  We can help you build a clinical analytics strategy to better use your data to improve healthcare and treatment outcomes.

Clinical Analytics That You Will Love

In developing a comprehensive and aligned clinical analytics strategy, Amitech looks at the available data and assesses the relevant quality of that data to establish a baseline to build a clinical technology solution model.  By assessing each organization’s unique business objectives, we work to build a clinical analytics strategy that results in reduced costs, better patient experiences, reduced readmission rates, and better management of supply chain.

After implementation, Amitech monitors outcomes to measure the real value of changed behaviors to review and tweak the built models and processes to ensure that your customized comprehensive data analytics solution works for you.

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