Advanced Analytics to Unlock the Full Potential of Pharma

The changing healthcare system is significantly impacting the pharmaceutical industry.  Stricter FDA regulations, weaker economic conditions, and emerging markets are all creating a challenging and competitive environment.  Additionally, with the changes in healthcare, pharma is also shifting its strategic model from primarily treatment to prevention and companies will provide health care packages in a more consumer friendly supply channel.  Currently, the pharma industry is affected by poor and inaccurate data and performance.  As a result, the pharma industry is looking for ways to improve share of revenues, profits, operations, and manufacturing processes.

Amitech can help implement data warehousing solutions to provide insights to pharmaceutical industries to provide operations and quality insights.  By providing you with better insights from data, we can help you better market new and existing products to target specific prescribers.  Amitech has helped pharmaceutical industries quickly adapt to changing regulations and stay ahead of the competition, resulting in higher savings and higher shares of the market to possess the competitive edge in the rapidly shifting healthcare field.

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Pharma Data Warehousing Case Study