Amitech. Better Experience. Better Outcomes.

In this time of change,
we are your trusted advisor.

Massive change is underway in healthcare. Rapid technological advances, regulations and increased competition are disrupting the industry. There is immense pressure to simultaneously lower costs and improve outcomes. As your trusted advisors, we help you navigate the change to improve business and clinical outcomes.

Amitech. Better Experience. Better Outcomes.

Know thy population.

Do you know your population? Can you quantify its well-being? With our data and analytics solutions we help you understand your population to help improve its health and lower the cost of care.


Everything's better with governance.

Some say that good listening skills are the key to a happy marriage. Turns out, the same is also one of the keys to successful data governance initiatives. Missed the webinar? No worries, we recorded it for you.

Amitech. Better Experience. Better Outcomes.

Get smarter. Act on your intelligence.

You’re capturing an enormous wealth of data every second of every day. But what are you doing with it? Truth is, it’s meaningless unless you transform it into insight and better business outcomes. You have the data intelligence. We have the experience to make it actionable.

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Amitech is Your Trusted Advisor

As a leading healthcare analytics and strategy consulting firm, we guide you by focusing on the most innovative approaches to data analysis in healthcare to discover insights for healthcare systems and insurers.  We believe in change.  We believe in data.  We can help you use data to change and ultimately lower costs, improve quality of care and achieve better business outcomes.